Light worker

Make "light work" of being different and come to full bloom

If you are a light worker, you are by definition different. And thanks heaven for that! Because it was your "otherness" that helped you find those special super powers that enable you to be of the greatest service to the world. And I know that nothing makes you happier than being of service, right? the world even ready for you? And are YOU ready for the world? How will you stand out amongst the sea of healers and light workers?
How do you even go about this whole light working business?

You are:

A light worker, but you're scared to fully come out of the closet. Are you even good enough to call yourself one?

Certain that you could help tons of people with your special gifts, but clueless on how to go about doing that in a practical way.

Done, just done, with putting on a mask and pretending to be "normal". You simply want to be yourself and live a fulfilling and authentic life.

Ready to be a next level healer or light worker and wanting to learn from a true Pro.

Or a more experienced light worker who knows the importance of keeping her own frequency high and constantly upgrading herself.

I know you because I've been you, and in many ways still am you. And I can tell you that you won't really start living until you share the best of yourself with the world. Through epic highs and sorrowful lows I discovered how to be successful as a light worker, and how important embracing being different is in that process. I'd love to teach you what I've learned, because I want to see you shine too!





Work with me if:

You want crystal clarity on what makes you unique as a light worker.

You want to gain knowledge and training in next level energy work that will turn you into a true Pro.

You want radiant energy, clear intuition and strong self confidence, so you can show yourself as the powerful light worker you are.

You want insight and practical knowledge on how to create a thriving healing practice.

You want powerful energy to keep performing on a very high level.

Are you ready to become a next level light worker?
Let's start!

I have developed NEXT LEVEL TRANSFORMATIVE SERVICES, to assist you in my own unique unicorn way.

Crystal Clear Healing

Last few months to book a mega insightful Tarot coaching in combination with a crystal healing session. Last booking day October 30th 2024

Tarot Reading & Crystal Channeling

Looking for deep insights and life changing channeling, all within a span of just 60 minutes? I promise a Crystal channeling with me is a next level experience.

Tarot Like a Pro

Super practical Tarot course where I share 15 years worth of exceptional Tarot reading pro tips. Including a recorded live practice session with my students that will teach you so much!

Spiritual Mentorship

Is it deep transformationyou're after? Let's take a 6 month deep dive and transform you Soul Wounds into your Super Power, while making you mega attractive to your dream life.

Free Crystal Masterclass

10 favorite crystals for light workers


Are you ready to become a next level light worker?
Let's start!

PS: You are my dream client if:

You are different (duh!)

You want to make spiritual work your profession or are in the beginning stages of doing so.

You take responsibility for your own transformation and don't dwell in victim consciousness.

You are truly ready to step into your full potential and introduce the powerful light worker you are to the world.