The Successful Healer’s Checklist

3 day intensive masterclass

25 things all succesful healers do and you should be doing too!


18, 19 and 20 september 2023

Why are there healers and light workers with a 2 month waiting list, while there are others wondering where to find their next client? Is it their education? Their prices? Maybe their website?

After struggling off and on for years in 2020 I managed to quadruple my healer's income in 9 months time. And I did this while the world was going through the worse pandemic ever.

Let me tell you, there is nothing like the feeling of sharing your gift with more and more people! And I bet you'd love to experience that too. Trust me, I want this wonderful feeling for every healer. Our work is very important and we are so worth it!


This masterclass is for you if:

You are a healer or light worker wanting to attract more "too good to be true" clients and experience more business success.

You want to set up your own healing practice but don't know where to start.

You've recently started for yourself and are overwhelmed with all the bits and pieces necessary to run your practice.

You'd love to quit your day job and go into healing full time, but you're still afraid to take the leap.

In this masterclass you'll learn about:

very practical stuff such as your website or facebook ads
when and how to start working with a team
how every successful healer starts her day
why your USP (Unique Soul Perspective) is so important for your success.
how to attract your "too good to be true" clients
what your secret weapon is as a healer

and probably the most important and overlooked aspect of creating a successful healing business. The energetic side of it all.

Your energy is your gold as a healer or light worker.
If your energy flows your business will flow like never before. I'd love to show you how I did it.

How does this masterclass work?

This a live online masterclass that will be delivered via webinars. Right before the start you will receive links to attend the classes.

Where and when will the classes take place?

This is an online masterclass with live classes taking place on Monday 18, Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 2023.
Classes start at 4 pm and take 60 minutes.
In the last class on the 20th there will be plenty of time to ask me questions.

Will there be replays available of the classes?

Yes, you will receive replay links the day after each live class. So it is not necessary to be in the class live.

How long will I have access to this masterclass?

You'll keep access to the replays for 2 weeks til 28th of September

What is my investment?

For a very limited time I'll be offering this über valuable masterclass for a reduced price. Instead of €222 you'll only pay €88