Crystal Shopping workshop

A private workshop and crystal sale where you'll learn all about your favorite crystals, plus be able to purchase them on the spot!
Online or in my cozy crystal palace in Amsterdam.

Kristal kopen workshop

What to expect?

Expect the highest grade, HIGH FREQUENCY crystals that have been ethically sourced in Brazil, South Africa and Madagaskar.

Being a Crystal Healer I am extremely picky when it comes to my crystals, and only sell crystals I would work with myself. This means you get the best of the best, both in FREQUENCY as well as LOOKS. Plus the unique opportunity to ask me all your crystal questions.

This turns your crystal event into a super cool combination of an inspiring workshop with the most fun and personalized crystal shopping spree ever! So much more special than shopping in a crystal shop or online!

This workshop is for you if:

You and your besties are crystal obsessed and love to learn about them.

You value the highest frequency crystals and want to buy them from an experienced Pro.

You want to purchase crystals that are ethical and loving to mama Gaia and the small communities mining them.

You want to organise a special and super fun event with some depth to it.

In this workshop you will learn:

Everything about the healing qualities of the crystals you purchase from a Pro who works with them daily.

On which chakra's you can best use your crystals.

How I, as an experienced crystal healer, work with crystals.

How to recognize high grade crystals over lesser grade ones.

What others say

"The private online Crystal Event that Daniëlle hosted for me and my clients was so insightful! The beautiful crystals were clustered by chakra, and she shared tons of information about each crystal and how best to use it. Daniëlle is a real expert with a wealth of knowledge, and you can tell that she treats her crystals with tremendous love and respect.
All the crystals I bought have found a special spot in my home or educational center. I warmly recommend you to be inspired and enlightened by Daniëlle!

Danielle Spenner – KernKracht Academie

Frequently asked questions

How does a Crystal Shopping Workshop work?

You can book your workshop from 4 to 8 people. I will one by one show you all crystals and explain about their healing qualities and best uses. After you can purchase the crystals on the spot.

Where does a Crystal Shopping workshop take place?

You can experience a workshop online via Zoom or in my cosy home apartment in Amsterdam.

What makes this workshop different?

I start the workshop with a crystal cleanse and blessing ceremony, so you receive clean and radiant crystals of the highest frequency. I also share all my pro tips on working with crystals.

What costs are involved?

The workshop costs €222, but if your group makes a purchase of more than €500 that amount is refunded.

During an in person workshop the crystals can be paid for by card or in cash. If your workshop is online I will send invoices to all participants the next day. In this case postage costs will be added. If I can send all crystals to one address (for example that of the organizer) your group will save on postage costs.

Do you post the crystals?

If you have booked an online workshop I post your crystals within 3 days.

How can I make an appointment?

Send me an email via and I will contact you within 24 hours.

Me and my beautiful crystals are waiting for you!