Become a Pro in powerful Chakra healing energy work with crystals and delicious, vegetarian food

The most practical next level CRYSTAL chakra healing course starts April 30 rd 2023.

Average Course score is a 9,5 out of 10

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The Crystal Rock Star Manual

April 30rd to July 23rd 2023


So you want to learn how to professionally heal chakra’s with crystals and hit the ground running as a professional crystal healer?
I'll gladly teach you what I know, my dear.

After almost a decade of successfully running my own Crystal Healing practice I know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and I can teach you the real pro moves in no time.

But in this course I’m giving you something extra special.
My energetic “secret weapon” that no one else will teach you, which will take your energy work NEXT LEVEL.

Like me, my course is practical, compact, to the point, super fun and delicious. 🙂 Train with me and within 3 months you’ll be healing like a real Crystal Pro!

This course is for you if:

You’re a practical person, who wants to get her hands dirty asap, and learn from a  Pro with nearly two decades of experience.

You are familiar or experienced with the basics of energy work and want to add crystals to it.

You are familiar or experienced with the basics of energy work and want to add crystals to it.

You don’t want to just be a so so crystal healer, but would like to set yourself apart by getting certified as a Next level Chakra Crystal healer.

You believe in a holistic approach. In your world healthy insta worthy food, healing crystals, energy work plus a dash of glamour go together like a horse and carriage.

In this course you’ll learn:

How to work with crystals with the confidence of a true Pro. We’ll be going way beyond the basics and I’ll share my best Pro tips with you.

How to create Crystal chakra lay outs, and perform professional crystal healing sessions, for the most common modern day discomforts and ailments such as stress, burn out, high sensitivity and exhaustion. This knowledge is truly NEXT LEVEL!

How to create Crystal chakra lay outs, and perform professional crystal healing sessions, for the most common modern day discomforts and ailments such as stress, burn out, high sensitivity and exhaustion. This knowledge is truly NEXT LEVEL!

Your Crystal Rock Star Teacher

Hi, I’m Daniëlle, certified Pro Crystal Healer and Tarot Coach. Before I started my crystal healing business 7 years ago, I helped hundreds of clients to live a “high frequency” lifestyle.  As Ayurvedic wellness chef I cooked for yoga reteats on Ibiza and Bali and catered for corporate clients such as Happinez and Hugo Boss.

In this unique course I’m coming full circle by combining my deep knowledge of crystal healing with my love for delicious high frequency foods that balance the chakra’s. I know from experience how powerful this combination is.

I’ll teach you what I know for certain that works. And that isn’t just memorizing 1000 crystals or ingredients. But instead knowing a few key power crystals and foods, and their effect on each chakra, really well.

I’m super excited to share close to 2 decades of knowledge with you, and support you as you train to become a professional Next Level Chakra Crystal Healer!

Course summary:

14 prerecorded Chakra Crystal & Chakra Food classes, 1 for each chakra

14 Chakra Crystal & Chakra Food workbooks with crystal lay-outs and recipes

Exclusive access to our private online course hub

Exclusive access to 7 powerful Crystal Chakra Meditations

3 live Pro Chakra Masterclasses plus 3 live Q&A’s

3 integration weeks in which you’ll get a total of 4 practice assignments, which will be evaluated by me

After your practice assignments have been graded as sufficient , the opportunity to get certified as a Next Level Chakra Crystal Healer

Support of our radiant  Crystal Rock star Community

Wil je eerst kennis maken? Check mijn basiscursus Learn the basics of working with crystals.

This course is divided in 3 parts:

Part 1
Chakra Crystals, Crystal Lay outs & Chakra Food Basics, Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus chakra’s.

Part 2
Preparing yourself for deep healing work, Heart & Throat chakra’s.

Part 3
How to Pro Crystal Healing & Crystal Chakra Layouts, Third eye & Crown chakra’s.

Each part of the course will end with a Live Q & A session, followed by an integration week in which you’ll be required to do your practice exercises.

You’ll find a more detailed course program in the “Frequently asked Questions” section below.

What others say

This course was a life changer for me! I was an absolute crystal newbie when I joined, but it brought me deep knowledge of energy work with crystals and balancing chakra foods. Whilst at the same time I was able to experience the power of the crystals myself as well.
It is brilliantly structured and Daniëlle brings all of the elements together in the most elegant and tasteful manner ever. I feel head over heels for crystal healing. As well as for the majestic rock star teacher.

She is able to convey an enormous amount of information in a practical way and creates a loving and safe learning container just by being her open, expert, Uber creative and funny self. Even for me, with hardly any pre education on the subject, the course was easy to grasp and in a very short period of time I developed deep knowledge of crystals. Apart from that, with Daniëlle’s help, I was able to create a spectacular crystal collection filled with high frequency gems for my own healing practice.
In short, this course was just amazing!

Anita Gerritsen

I found Daniëlle via Instagram and have taken several courses with her. They have all been well worth the investment. I am impressed with the amount of valuable information she shares, not just about crystals but on so much more. The course content is well planned with nice videos, support and additional resources.

In addition, Daniëlle is a genuinely loving person and her amazing energy is contagious. You can’t help but be happy in her presence.

Suzanne Saleh, Yoga teacher and author of "I can make you Vegan."

Frequently asked questions

How long is this course?

The course is 3 months and runs from Sunday April 30 through Sunday July 23. You’ll have 1 month, until Sunday August 27th, to hand in your last assignments to qualify for certification.

When and where will the classes take place?

Classes are online. Both the live as well as the pre recorded classes will be available on Sundays at 11:00 am CET. uur (you’ll find the complete course program below). Live classes are delivered via Zoom and take 90 minutes. Q & A sessions also take place via Zoom and take 45 minutes.The replays of the live classes and Q & A’s will be available in the private course hub 24 hours after they’ve aired.

Will I miss classes that fall in the vacation period?

All classes are delivered online, so you can watch form anywhere and at any time. Both the replays of the live as well as the pre recorded classes will be available in our private online class room, for you to watch (or rewatch) whenever is convenient for you.

What is the course program?

30 April: Live Chakra Crystals, Crystal Layouts & Chakra Foods Basics Masterclass

7 May: Root chakra class

14 May: Sacral chakra class

21 May: Solar Plexus chakra class

29 May: First Live Q & A

4 June: Live How to prepare for Pro Crystal Healing Masterclass

11 June: Heart chakra class

18 June: Throat chakra class

25 June: Second live Q & A

2 July: Live Masterclass on how to prepare yourself for powerful healing work

9 July: Third Eye Chakra class

16 July: Crown Chakra Class

23 July: Third Live Q & A

Am I required to attend the classes live?

No. The majority of the classes are pre recorded and there will be replays available of all live classes. I do recommend you stay on track with the course material as much as possible, because you’ll need the information I share in class to make your practice assignments during the course.

What do the practice assignments consist of and when do I need to hand them in?

Practice assignments will require you creating crystal chakra layouts for specific ailments, and explaining your crystal choices. You’ll also be asked to prove your knowledge of chakra balancing foods. Lastly you’ll perform and document a few full body crystal healings on test clients.

You’ll receive assignments at the end of each part of the course and will have to hand them in 2 weeks after. Except for the last 2 assignments, for which you’ll have one month.

How much self study is required?

Plan for around 4 to 6 hours self study per week.

Will I need additional course materials and crystals?

Yes, you will need 2 extra study books plus my recommend selection of crystals. After registration you’ll receive more information.

It isn’t necessary to have all crystals at the start of the class. You can add to your collection slowly during the course.


Do I need pre education to participate?

It’s not mandatory, but I highly recommend to have done at least Reiki 1 ,or an equivalent energetic course, before starting with this course.

Do I need cooking experience?

No you don’t. But interest in healthy, vegetarian food is required. Your cooking will not be evaluated or graded in this course. Your understanding of chakra foods will.

In which language will this course be delivered?

This course is taught in English.

What is required of me to get certified?

You will have to complete all practice assignments on time and they will have to be evaluated by me. If these requirements are met you will receive certification in September 2023.


How long will I have access to the course material?

After the last class you’ll keep 9 months access to all material until July 2024. All workbooks are downloadable.

What is my investment?

Normally the course would cost €1500. Since this is the first year I offer it as a Certified course you will benefit of a slighty discounted price. For payment in full course tuition is € 1111. You may also opt for 3 payments of € 400.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, it is possible to pay in 3 monthly terms of € 400.

When and where can I register?

Registration is now closed.

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