Manifesting. What is it? As the wise spiritual teachers, channelled by Esther Hicks, Abraham like to say: "Manifesting is creating your own reality." Really? But how? Because that sounds amazing when you've just landed that dream job, but not half as fun when your lover left and you find yourself broken hearted. 

How does manifesting work?

You are in effect constantly manifesting, whether you are aware of it or not, because manifesting is based on the principle that that which is likened to itself is drawn. What is popularly called " The law of attraction" in essence means that similar frequencies resonate with one another. Whole day, every day, you are sending out a frequency, which then attracts matching frequencies into your experience. 

As a Crystal Healer I am very familiar with this principle, since crystals with a similar frequency to a certain chakra positively effect the chakra the most. Let me explain in laymen's terms. If you were to hold on to two tuning forks of the same frequency and strike one, after a little bit the second fork will start to vibrate in resonance with the first one and also create sound. Try the same experiment with two tuning forks of a different frequency and tuning fork number two will not respond.

So in very short you attract the things or situations that vibrate on a similar frequency to the one you most often vibrate on. They are easiest to come into "resonance" with you.

How to get what you want

Think of one of those days where everything just seems to be going well for you. You jump out of bed happy, and one good thing after another happens. The traffic light turns green right as you drive up. You catch the very last parking spot at your work place. Your friend calls and invites you to lunch. Life is good!

And then there's those days (or weeks or months, hopefully never years!) where nothing seems to work. You spill coffee on your new white dress. Your colleague gets the coveted promotion. You arrive home and your washing machine has caused water damage to your downstairs neighbors apartment. Oh no! Not good!

If manifesting is your SOUL SUPER POWER.

In my last blog I went into detail about what SOUL SUPER POWERS When I say manifesting is your Soul Super Power what I mean is that you are (or have become) a master of your frequency, able to vibrate consistently at the frequency that attracts to you the life you want.

This by no means keeps any unwanted things from ever coming into your experience, because on planet earth we don't just manifest in a vacuum. Everybody around you is manifesting for themselves too, right along side you. This means that you can, and at times will, come into contact with less desirable people or experiences. The trick is not to have that negatively impact your mood or emotions, at least certainly not for too long.

How does the law of attraction work?

The law of attraction responds to the frequency of your dominant emotions, which means you attract how you predominantly feel. This is an important distinction to make and the reason why obsessively repeating so called positive affirmations, without believing them or without feeling any positive shift happening within yourself, never works. Life hears what you send out, not what you say.

Master Manifestors have this down to a science. Some were born blessed with a "glass half full" -type of optimism. Most have chosen this attitude in life, simply because it makes them feel better. And... the better they feel, the better things get. It's that simple!

The Tarot Archetype that best represents this energy is THE MAGICIAN. If you are blessed with his Super Powers those around you may look it your life in amazement, wondering how it is that you just seem to think or speak about something you want and within days it arrives in your physical reality.

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Major Arcana Card THE MAGICIAN

The Magician is the second Major Arcana card in Tarot. His unique Soul Super Power is Badass Manifesting!

He masters the art of visualizing his ideal world and bringing it into being. He has a great vision and the ability to tap into the invisible world of frequency and expertly shape his vision, before manifesting it in the 3D world. Having unwavering faith in that what he wants already exists.

If this is one of your Super Powers your life looks magical to others. You know and harness the power of images and words to enliven your dreams. For you they are not only dreams, but a vibrational reality. One that no one else may be able to see yet, but that you are certain of already exists.

A powerful, optimistic and visionary SOUL SUPER POWER to have!


Of course you do! That's why you're here right? You are very welcome to take a Deep Dive with me into your personal arsenal of gifts. Because I can tell you from experience that you will never truly be yourself until you are using all those beautiful Super Powers you came into this world with. And yes, THE WORLD IS READY FOR YOU. Trust me, I know!

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