Daniëlle van den Stoom

Pro Crystal Healer, Teacher
& Transformational Coach

Healing and coaching to help extraordinary unicorns
discover the power in being different.
From Soul Wound to Super Power

There's that strange kind of home sick feeling again. Missing something you don't even know. You're here, but you're also not really here. You know something's missing in your life, and your "I'm perfectly happy" mask is starting to crack. You want more. Depth, connection, realness. You want to live. Really live.

But why is it so hard to simply be yourself? You know you are different and wonder if the world is even ready for your weird, awkward self. For most of your life you're used to adjusting, fitting in. Or at least pretending to.

Do this with me. Just indulge me. Take a deep breath in. Hold. And now out. Just imagine, just as an experiment, that your DIFFERENTNESS is exactly what the world needs now. What if you have something to offer nobody else can? What if being different is your super power, the thing that will help you reach your full potential and live your soul's mission?

I can guarantee that the 100% original, authentic version of yourself is exactly what the world needs! And cannot wait to help you (re)discover it, so you can shine like only you are meant to.

What if the world needs your special kind of different right now?
What if you have something to offer that nobody else can bring? 

Welcome beautiful multi talented unicorn,

I am so glad you've found your way to me. Because I know that however "perfect' your life may look from the outside, on the inside you sense something is missing. You know you have much more to offer and want to use all your unique talents to make this world a better place.

You didn't just come for the standard white picket fence, 2,5 child and one dog lifestyle. You want more. Way more. But being the pioneer you are, you've already been swimming against the tide for so long. Why? Really why, did you have to be so different? What's the point? It can feel so lonely, frustrating and tiring.

What if you being different is not a curse, but turns out to be your biggest strength? 

If because of it you are able to bring something no one else can? Something so special and unique it would be a true waste not to share it. Something that not only makes you shine, but also has the potential to help lots of people.

If you are ready to become a different kind of super hero than you've come to the right place. Let's meet real soon!

Danielle vd Stoom The Healers Healer





How can I help?

It's my Super Power to help one of a kind unicorns and light workers find theirs.
I'll help you find CLARITY and to use your INTUITION to discover your greatest strengths
As well as rapidly raise your ENERGETIC FREQUENCY through next level energy work, so you gain the confidence to fully show up as your true self.

You are One of a kind

Make being different your super power and find your unique life purpose

You are a light worker

Make "light work" of being different and fully bloom

I offer Coaching & Healing

Experience next level transformation and boost your unique super powers

I offer Trainings and Workshops

Learn how to work with crystals, energy and the tarot like a real Pro

Danielle vd Stoom The Healers Healer

Who am I

I am Daniëlle van den Stoom and I know a thing or two about being different. The good, the bad and the ugly! But in the end it honestly turned out to be the greatest blessing in my life. One that has led me to my dream job as a healer, teacher and coach.

My work gives you access to your full potential and will help you live a truthful, purpose driven life in which all of your talents are seen and valued. I see the gold in you, even when you are not able to see it yourself yet.

Daniëlle's magical blend of intuition and pragmatism, softness and clarity, has helped me feel safe to begin my healing journey. Through her tender guidance, I've been able to excavate my own life story—casting light on cherished, forgotten parts of myself.

The context she provides has helped me to move through immobility and grief, making room for creativity, self-love, and lightness. It feels as if our journey has only just begun, though I look forward to walking this path together for many years to come. 

Pip Atkinson

Artist & Brand Designer

"Daniëlle was there when I needed her the most, and created a safe nest for me to blossom. Without prejudice and in complete presence.

We healers often retreat when we are going through something, or when we are wanting to manifest a beautiful new vision. But it is so important that we let ourselves be nurtured and supported the way we always nurture others.

To all curanderas, healers and light workers I want to say, you need to experience Daniëlle's work. Through her many years of experience she embodies what it means to be a true healer and help others with an open heart.

Her healing kept working through me long after and healed me on deeper levels than I had thought was even possible.

Wen Wei Ong

Womb healer, Shamanic practitioner , Rest2flow

My promise to you

I managed to transform the pain from not fitting into the traditional ideal into a fantastic life mission.
And so can you! Helping you bloom into the most authentic, unique star that will help change the world? THAT IS MY SUPER POWER!

Are you ready to bloom?


How you being different will change the world.

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